Why to spend time reducing the SAP database when gigabytes are so cheap? OpenText Data Archiving for SAP solutions is all about managing the total cost of ownership of your SAP system with data volume management.

There are multiple reasons to household your SAP database:

  • The SAP Production system is usually duplicated to different systems, with backup solutions which require multiple database copies. Each data is then physically present in multilple storage and database systems
  • the bigger the database, the slower the performance, the slower the backup, the slower the restore and the slower the system copies
  • SAP-HANA requires a deep table structure change. The smaller the database, the quicker the migration to SAP-HANA

SAP Data Archiving consultancy requires a mix of technical knowledge (SAP Archivelink and connection to Archive Server) and functional knowledge (SAP Archive Objects and all SAP modules).

A large number of SAP technical tables can be reduced with the help of specific tools, including the possibility to migrate the attached documents from the SAP database to the Archive Server.


SAP Database Analysis

Analyse SAP table size and growth and group them by archive objects; propose set of Archive Objects to process to reduce the database on defined target

Data Archive implementation

SAP Archive Object and Retrieval methods implementation by phases, open item analysis, Archive Info Structures, job scheduling