Our strength lies in our united team, collaborating seamlessly to work wonders with ECM technology. Our foundation of trust and honesty creates an environment where clients are not just projects but long-term partners. We’re a bunch of tech enthusiasts, fueled by unbridled passion, always seeking fresh horizons and developing creative solutions, devoted to maintaining our customers’ systems in optimal health.

Yet, we know how to strike that perfect balance between professionalism and a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Where responsibility and freedom merge into customer commitment, we cherish a friendly, supportive atmosphere with laughter and camaraderie where innovative ideas flourish. Be a part of our journey as we trailblaze the ECM-landscape, ensuring success and growth, hand in hand with our cherished customers and partners.


Our values define who we are and shape everything we do. At our core lies a set of principles that serve as the guiding light in our journey towards excellence. These values – commitment, equality, integrity, passion, and professionalism – are not mere words on paper; they are the pillars that uphold the very essence of our organization.

In a rapidly evolving and competitive industry, the importance of our core values cannot be overstated. They are the compass that steers us through challenges, the foundation that supports our growth, and the fabric that binds us together as a cohesive and purpose-driven team.


At X-Center, we value commitment. It means going the extra mile to satisfy our customers and support our employees. We prioritize trust, responsibility, and collaboration, resulting in high-quality work and strong relationships. Our culture fosters success through open communication and a supportive environment.


At X-Center, equality is a core value. We treat everyone with respect, foster inclusion, and celebrate diversity. Our commitment creates a positive work environment where everyone thrives.


At X-Center, integrity is key. We emphasize performing with care, adhering to standards, and upholding our values. Transparency builds trust and accountability. Acting with integrity promotes productivity and a positive work environment. We believe in doing the right thing, being honest, and fostering strong relationships. At X-Center, integrity guides all our actions for the benefit of our employees and customers.


Our passion drives success. It creates a positive and engaging environment, fueled by flexibility, challenge, and collaboration. Together, we pursue our passions, stay motivated, and achieve our goals. Passion is our driving force for continued success.


To us, professionality is a combination of adaptability, discipline, anticipation, decisiveness, results-orientation, loyalty, and ambition. We seek employees who possess these qualities and provide opportunities for their professional growth and development. This ensures a high level of professionalism towards our customers and personal growth for themselves.