Managed Services are aimed to guarantee IT application health at any time. And Service Level Agreement is necessary to restore this application health as soon as an issue occurs. Even better is to monitor the application health, and send alerts BEFORE the issues occur.

Some monitoring tools check the operating system or database health at a high level only ( disk space, windows service, database status...). This is not enough to prevent an issue from taking place, and impact the user community when the application stops working.

At X-Center we developed a monitoring tool dedicated to the particular OpenText applications: the xMon tool. This tool knows the OpenText applications very well, and chase the issues at the level of the tables, the log files, the jobs, the pools, etc ...

The Results for your organization

  • Maintain IT applications healthy
  • Maintain highest application availability level
  • Avoid disruption in operations

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White paper - Managed Services with monitoring tool