eMails became the most popular way to send and receive invoices in most companies. But strange enough the capture and extraction processes still require too much human intervention. That's a shame. With our special X-Center Solution, all the vendors eMails can be processed and sent to the SAP VIM application without any human intervention. That's more efficient and the profit is obvious.

Because the eMails and their attachments do not obey to strict rules, the AP clerks are first required to check each one, and too often modify it before it can be exported to VIM extraction process. The results of this extraction process must in turn be validated and also too often be modified, because OCR cannot avoid errors.

At X-Center we provide you with a ready-to-go solution to automate the capture and extraction processes for all incoming PDF invoices. They AP clerks directly see the invoice data, together with the PDF and the eMails files in his SAP VIM Workplace, and he can directly focus on the job he is paid for: financial document preparation and posting

The results for your organisation?

  • Rely on 100% data accuracy
  • Focus on financial document preparation in SAP VIM
  • Less manual work
  • Process vendor invoices in due time

Ready to stop spending time on checking the vendor eMails and the OCR extraction results ? Download the FREE whitepaper to learn more about the advantages of the X-Center Solution or watch the video below for a live demo. Something for your organisation? Contact us and schedule a free chat with one of our advisors in your area.

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White paper - Vendor invoice capture automation for SAP VIM