Manually processing incoming e-mails with orders is just one of the time costly intensive workload you face as an organisation. Despite available solutions for automating orders, a large percentage of the orders are still placed via unstructured channels like e-mail and PDF. That’s a shame. With our special X-Center Solution orders can easily be automated. That is more efficient and the profit is remarkable. For you and your customers.

Besides manually processing incoming emails, Sales Administration is normally charged with detaching and classifying PDF orders, manually putting it in the system. Working manually like this comes at a price: costly errors in the order creation process, a backlog of orders, high order process time and delayed turnover. This leads, of course, to unsatisfied customers. To prevent this, automation is the best solution.

At X-Center we provide you with a ready-to-go solution to automate the customer order capture and extraction processes for all incoming orders. It can be done with EDI, e-mail and PDF. The SAP data can be controlled and modified by business rules or manually by the Sales Administration before the SD sales order is created. The solution is fit for Windows and extracts all the needed information with a guaranteed 100% accuracy, even for line-items.

The results for your organization

  • Rely on 100% data accuracy
  • Focus on sales order creation in SAP SD
  • Less manual work
  • Limit backlog
  • Provide the best service for your customers

Ready to stop spending time to key the SD sales orders manually?
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White paper - PDF customer order capture for SAP SD

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