eMails became the most popular way to send and receive business documents between business partners. This is not a surprise as it is a very flexible way to transfer files and information from one company to another one, without technical barriers and elaborated security checks.

But this extreme flexibility is a clear limitation for a full and reliable automation of the incoming eMail processing. As a result some clerks are required to have a look at the incoming eMails and perform some manipulations before the Mails can be processed by IT applications.

At X-Center we provide you with a ready-to-go solution to automate the capture and the processing of the incoming eMails that contain PDF attachments to be detached and extracted, before they are integrated with SAP applications.

The results for your organization?

  • Stop controlling and modifying incoming eMails before they can be processed automatically
  • Increase transparency on incoming eMails to be processed and processed
  • Go deeper with the integration and automation of your related SAP applications

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White paper - eMail and attached files handling