Your Archive Server has been piling up large volumes of documents and archived data files for a lot of years.
All these archive files will become obsolete soon or later and should be deleted after a determined retention time, depending on their type.
But how to consistently get rid of the millions archive files and their references in the SAP tables, the Archive Server database and the Storage systems ?

Surprisingly there is no standard solution proposed by SAP or Archive Server builder for that purpose

At X-Center we developed a solution based on SAP Archive Objects which the Archive References in SAP tables, the same archive references, the Archive Server tables, and the corresponding archive files in the storage system.

The Results for your organization

  • No orphan references or documents in the SAP systems and in the Archive Server
  • Possibility to define retention time by SAP object and Document Type
  • Effective way to obey to GDPR rules
  • Reduce cost of the Archive Storage System

Ready to stop increasing your archive storage capacity in spite of thousands archive files which should be destroyed ? Download the FREE whitepaper to learn more about the advantages of the X-Center Solution or watch the video below for a live demo. Something for your organisation?

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White paper - archive retention harmonization between SAP and Archive Server