Document Access for SAP Solutions enables organizations to automatically store SAP and non-SAP data and documents on a secure archive server, for example OpenText Archive Center.

The solution offers a range of options for integrating SAP documents and other documents in the different SAP applications, including emails, faxes, images and informal correspondence. Besides archiving documents, you can manage, search, display and edit them.

OpenText DocuLink for SAP Solutions makes it possible to store, administer and retrieve both SAP documents and any other types of document, independently of transactions in the SAP standard. This data may either be stored in a database or may already be stored on an archive server, for example, as a result of the reorganization of data. By default, access is performed via the SAP GUI for Windows or the SAP GUI for HTML.


Solution Architecture

Define and size the different solution components, necessary to the document access from SAP (Content Repositories , capture tool, Imaging application, … )

SAP customizing

All necessary SAP customizing, document classes and Global Object Services, HTTPs activation, use of protocols, etc …

SAP Doculink

Doculink project development, customizing and integration with Document Access


KPRO migration

Transfer KPRO customizing to Archivelink, move stored from SAP tables ( SOFFCONT1, SOST tables ) to Archive Server


White paper - archive retention harmonization between SAP and Archive Server